Shared space – advantages of using a shared space

What are the advantages of using a shared space ?

So, what are the advantages of using a shared space?  Why should I use a co-working space at all?  Are there really benefits of using a shared workspace?

Did you know that nearly 5 million people work remotely – and not all from home.  So where do they actually work from?

Shared spaces come with a variety of titles – think virtual office, co-working space, shared workspace, shared office, hot-desk, to name but a few.  Within the workspace there will be the ability to rent a desk, office, or workstation. 

Some of the locations will operate on an hourly, daily rate, or some may require a bigger commitment such as weekly or monthly rental.

Generally the typical renter will be a remote worker, digital nomad, or freelancer, but sometimes companies may rent space if they have staff visiting the area on a short-term basis.

So, in no particular order, here is our list of the advantages of using a shared workspace.  There of course be many other benefits of using a shared workspace that we haven’t listed, so if you want to let us know we can add them on for you.


This has to be one of the top advantages of using a shared space. The workspace is already fully equipped with everything you need to carry out your work. As you only rent it according to your needs there is no requirement for you to commit to long-term contracts in expensive city-centre locations.

It also provides you with the opportunity to increase or decrease the number of workstations you rent – say your company is working on a new project and has hired in a set number of staff to cover it.  Rather than trying to fit them into an already busy office environment the option to use co-working work-spaces could be considered.


Generally, shared work-spaces are located in city-centre locations benefiting from good transport links.  This is handy for those remote workers, freelancers and digital nomads that travel frequently. 

It also allows remote workers to enjoy the hustle and bustle of city-centre life, but without the hassle of having to locate, operate and pay for prime spot premises on their own.

All-inclusive amenities

Again, this is an excellent benefit of a shared workspace for remote workers who don’t have a large enough base to work from, or for those remote workers who travel regularly away from the office.  Everything from desks, to monitors, to printers, whiteboards, projection equipment and also broadband and Wi-Fi are included.  There may also be access to interview rooms, or meeting rooms for larger groups, or even smaller ‘quiet’ zones to hold on-line meetings with clients – there will be something for everyone.  Don’t forget those all-important fully serviced bathroom and kitchen facilities too.

Networking opportunities

Working from a shared workspace allows like-minded individuals to regularly meet up. 

Some remote workers do find working on their own can be quite isolating so sharing a workspace is a good opportunity to network.  Working alongside other like-minded people can also be beneficial as there is the opportunity to share ideas and expertise.


There are many advantages to using a shared workspace. A quick internet search will identify where co-working offices are located.  There are a good selection of websites that can now identify the best locations in each country so get searching!