Learn how to become a Virtual Assistant for free

How to become a Virtual Assistant for free

How do you become a Virtual assistant for free? You want to become a Virtual Assistant, also known as a Remote Worker, but you are unsure how to get started. Well, look no further.  We have come up with some free hints, tips and inside information on how you can set yourself up. Are you ready to become a Virtual Assistant / Remote Worker and start running your own business? Okay, well let’s go.

What actually is a Virtual Assistant?

The best way to think about it is a Virtual Assistant is someone who runs their own business. They advertise and then sell their services to other organizations and individuals. This can be on an agreed hourly rate, a daily rate, a per-project basis, or a contract basis.  

  • Who? – anyone can learn how to become a VA, from experienced admin professionals looking to change careers to stay-at-home mum’s wanting to get back into the workforce.
  • What? – what do you need to know to become a VA? By reading this article you have already taken the first step to becoming a Virtual Assistant.
  • When? – now is the perfect time to become a VA as more of us become familiar with digital/virtual/remote working during these unprecedented times.
  • Where? – you can be located anywhere in the world, (working visa rules might apply) when you become a VA. From global locations or working from your home office the choice is yours.
  • Why? – are you looking for a new challenge? Do you want to be self-employed? Or do you want a better work/life balance? If so, then read on to find you out how can become a VA.

What do they do?

A Virtual Assistant has the option to carry out work on a remote basis. Also, they could operate on their own, or work as a sub-contractor with other Virtual Assistants on small projects. And for larger projects, they could also consider joining a team of Virtual Assistants who have the ultimate responsibility for sourcing and delegating the work.

They carry out a wide range of tasks remotely – think of a Secretary, Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, Administrative Officer – if the work can be done in an office then it can be done remotely. As a VA you are free to work from any location and are no longer restricted to working in a city centre office or indeed working in a specific country – think virtual offices, hot-desking or working from a home office, or any location in the world.

There are other names to describe a Virtual Assistant such as Remote Worker, On-line Assistant, Digital worker, or Freelancer.

Why should I become a Virtual Assistant?

There are many reasons why people choose to become a Virtual Assistant: 

  • The thrill of running your own business
  • The ability to offer a niche service
  • Provide a service to a niche market
  • The option to set your own hours
  • The power to choose what work to undertake
  • No involvement in the office politics
  • No office commute required
  • More control over your work/life/family balance

What do I need to become a Virtual Assistant?

Like any job, whether based in an office or working remotely, you will need the tools of the trade. Okay, you may already have some of the items listed below, and it also depends on the type of services you are going to offer, but here are a few ideas to start you off.

  • A dedicated working area – this is a must to ensure you can operate professionally at all times
  • IT equipment – make sure you have the latest equipment, software, malware, external hard drives, etc.
  • Software – ensure you have up-to-date licenses to operate any software packages you have
  • Printers – do you need a color printer? Or an A3 printer?
  • Scanners – what resolution do you need to scan images?
  • Phone – do you need a landline, VOIP, or mobile? Or what about a call-handling company?
  • Fast internet connection – no buffering allowed!

Why not have a look at a more in-depth article on how to set up your home office for further advice?

How do Virtual Assistants get clients?

You have set up your office and now you want to focus on getting your first client, so is there a demand for virtual assistants? Well, you will be pleased to learn that the global demand for Virtual Assistants continues to grow. This is because the opportunity for remote work has increased as businesses look at ways to continue operating post-Covid. Thankfully organizations have now become more comfortable outsourcing aspects of their work.

Using a Virtual Assistant can also help drive down costs for businesses as there is no longer the need to pay a staff salary. There is also less hassle regarding all the other issues surrounding staff employment such as sick pay, training, supply of equipment, and office space. etc.

Have a read through the article on how to get more clients to discover more.

Whatever your motivation or desire to start your own business as a Virtual Assistant now is the time to give it a go!


There has never been a better time to explore working as a Virtual Assistant. And with remote work on the increase and advancements in the latest technology, fingertips there are many more opportunities for remote working. So, go on – why not give it a go?

New articles on how to become a virtual assistant will be added soon so remember to check back regularly to find out more.