General guides to becoming a Virtual Assistant | Remote Worker

  • New Year – New Career | Become a Remote Worker
    Become a Remote Worker – how to create a Career Plan for the New Year. New Year – New Career. Become a Remote Worker. Looking for a new career path? Read on for more free hints, tips and guidance on how to become a Remote Worker. If you have you thought of becoming a Remote … Read more
  • Virtual Assistant startup guide | Remote work startup guide
    Ever wondered what you need to do to set yourself up as a Virtual Assistant? Check out the ‘Virtual Assistant startup guide’ below. We have put together a ‘Virtual Assistant startup guide’ listing a range of areas that you should consider before going live.  This will help you focus on areas of setting up and … Read more
  • How do I grow my business and get more clients?
    How do I grow my business and get more clients? When you first started your business you spent a lot of time focusing on things such as who would use a Virtual Assistant. Then you spent a lot of time sourcing your first customer and building your brand.  Now you have achieved that you want … Read more
  • Keep motivated as a Remote Worker | How to work alone
    How to work alone and how can you keep motivated as a Remote Worker? So, how can you keep motivated as a Remote Worker? Do you know how to work as a Remote Worker? In previous articles we have looked at what does it mean to be a Remote Worker – also known as a … Read more
  • What does it mean to be a Remote Worker? | Lone worker
    So, what does it mean to be a Remote Worker? You may already have heard of remote work (also known as a lone worker), but what does that actually mean?  In this particular case we will be looking at remote work as being work carried out by someone who is not an employee, rather someone … Read more
  • Virtual Assistant business name ideas | Business name
    How To Name Your Business Do you need to come up with Virtual Assistant business name ideas? Company names are used to market your business and label products, services, and brands. McDonald’s, for example, uses its company name to market its hamburgers.      There is no magical formula for creating a distinctive business name, some … Read more
  • Virtual Assistant contract | Insurance | Booking form
    Virtual Assistant contract – every Virtual Assistant should have some form of legal contract and insurance in place to protect themselves should the worst happen. The contracts you have in place will obviously reflect the nature of your business and the services you offer, so spend a bit of time and seek out the right … Read more
  • Virtual Assistant jobs | Find work as a freelancer?
    Virtual Assistant jobs – find work as a Virtual Assistant? Many of you will be wanting to start earning money as quickly as possible whilst trying to build up a regular network of clients, so how do you actually find virtual assistant jobs?  How to work as a virtual assistant – one way to find … Read more
  • Why use a Virtual Assistant? | How to hire a VA.
    Benefits of using a Virtual Assistant and how to hire one. So, we have looked at ‘Who uses a Virtual Assistant’ and ‘Who can become a Virtual Assistant’, let’s look now at why you should use a Virtual Assistant, some of the benefits of using a Virtual Assistant, and how to hire one. Here is … Read more
  • Who can become a Virtual Assistant | Be a VA
    So who can become a Virtual Assistant – anyone who has the right skills and knowledge to deliver a high-quality service in a professional and proficient manner. This could be: An existing Executive Assistant/PA looking to strike out on their own. A stay at home mum wanting to earn income whilst juggling family commitments. Students … Read more
  • Work as a Virtual Assistant | Be a Virtual Assistant
    Who? What? How much? Work as a Virtual Assistant. I am sure you will be buzzing to get started with your exciting new business, working as an independent freelance remote worker, but we are sure you will still have a lot of unanswered questions about how to become a Virtual Assistant and carry out remote … Read more
  • Cost of a Virtual Assistant | How much do VAs charge
    How much should I charge as a Virtual Assistant? The million dollar question – this is what everyone wants to know, “How much should I charge as a Virtual Assistant”? But how do you actually put a value on yourself? How much is a Virtual Assistant? You also have to look at it from the … Read more
  • How to start a Virtual Assistant business | VA business
    Choose the right business model when you start a Virtual Assistant business. One of the main areas to look at when you start a Virtual Assistant business is the way you are going to set up and operate your business.  Different countries have different rules but getting the business structure for your Virtual Assistant business … Read more
  • Audio transcription work | Transcription work from home
    Audio transcription work – styles and pricing. If audio transcription is one of the services you would like to offer but you are not sure how to start then read on! What should I charge for transcription services? Yes, you will be pleased to hear there are opportunities out there to carry out audio transcription … Read more
  • Office setup | Office equipment | Remote office setup
    Office equipment and setting up your office. Office setup – setting up your office may seem like quite a daunting task but don’t worry we are here to get you thinking about what you actually need to do. So what is a remote office? How do I complete an office setup so I can remote … Read more
  • Virtual Assistant | Freelancer | Remote worker
    Who uses a Virtual Assistant? Who uses a Virtual Assistant? Well actually a wide range of individuals, SMEs, public organisations, private individuals, etc. have found the joy of using a Virtual Assistant. They have worked out the benefits of hiring a VA, and how to use a virtual assistant. It gives them the flexibility them … Read more
  • Beginners guide
    So how do I actually become a Virtual Assistant | Remote Worker? Please note this is for people who wish to become a Remote Worker via the independent self-employed route. There will be another article coming soon relating to being a remote worker as an employee. First steps First of all, you must decide on … Read more
  • Become a Virtual Assistant | Remote Worker
    Okay, so you want to become a Virtual Assistant, also known as a Remote Worker, but you are unsure how to get started, well look no further.  Let us share with you free hints, tips and inside information on how you can set yourself up as a Virtual Assistant / Remote Worker and start running … Read more