Who can become a Virtual Assistant | Be a VA

So who can become a Virtual Assistant – anyone who has the right skills and knowledge to deliver a high-quality service in a professional and proficient manner.

This could be:

  • An existing Executive Assistant/PA looking to strike out on their own.
  • A stay at home mum wanting to earn income whilst juggling family commitments.
  • Students wanting to earn extra income during studies.
  • Bloggers looking to submit quality articles to various markets.
  • Website developers assisting start-ups with their digital appearance.
  • Marketing personnel who can guide people/departments/organisations through the media minefield.
  • Translators able to get your message across to a global audience.

….the list is endless.

What credentials do you need to be a Virtual Assistant?

Currently there are no requirements to have “qualifications” to set up as a Virtual Assistant.  If you feel confident enough you can set yourself up, market your skills, gain your first client and off you go.  However for those feeling a little overwhelmed there are several organisations now offering courses and accreditation’s.  Before rushing out and signing on the dotted line though ask yourself the following:

  • Do you really need to pay for a course?
  • What recognised qualifications do those delivering the courses have? In other words what qualifies them to be a Virtual Assistant Coach?
  • Where is the coach/trainer based as this could raise issues surrounding topics about local legal requirements?
  • What topics do they offer and are they all relevant to the field you wish to work in?
  • Are you in the same time-zone to allow for face-to-face/virtual meet-ups with your coach/trainer?
  • Do your years of experience working in the field of “insert your own skill here” already cover your area of expertise?
  • Do you already have testimonials from existing clients/employers that can attest to the quality of your work?

We hope that gives you a few things to think about before spending your hard earned cash on something that you might not need or benefit from. 

What do you think?  Did you benefit from completing a ‘How to become a Virtual Assistant’ course or did you just bite the bullet and go for it?