Who uses a Virtual Assistant | Remote worker

Who uses a Virtual Assistant | Remote Worker

You can be known as a Virtual Assistant, a Freelancer or even a Remote Worker – any of these titles apply to someone who can deliver professional quality services on a remote basis.

Below we have listed a range of organisations that have already understood the benefit of outsourcing their overflow work.

So you have been able to secure work, are providing your service and still want to increase your client-base – don’t forget that whether this is your first client or your tenth client you will find there are some people and organisations that you like to work with – and some you don’t!  This is perfectly okay, and you have the power to decide if the business relationship continues or not.  Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to new clients too.  Also do remember the working relationship is a two-way process so don’t be offended if the client does not want to continue using your services. But if that is the case always follow up and see why they have decided to stop using your services and if there are any areas for improvement.

List of prospective clients

The world is your oyster when thinking about prospective clients and who uses a Virtual Assistant – here is a short list to get you going.

  • Private practice medical companies
  • Accountancy firms
  • Television companies
  • Independent Financial Advisors
  • Marketing Firms
  • Professors and Research Fellows
  • Property firms
  • Estate Agents & Letting Agents
  • Business & Life Coaches
  • Independent Insurance Brokers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Startup businesses
  • Writers and Bloggers
  • Legal Firms – solicitors offices, independent barristers, etc.
  • Charities and not for profit Organizations


So who uses a Virtual Assistant | Remote Worker? As you can see from the list above there is a great opportunity to work with a variety of companies from a wide range of sectors. Pick your niche and get started.

We will look at what type of work you can generally be asked to complete as a Virtual Assistant in another article.