Social Media Freelancer Rates

Social Media Freelancer Rates

This is may be one of the most talked about aspects of being a freelancer – what should you charge?  And being a social media freelancer gives you the opportunity to talk about it, loud and clear. Lets talk about Social Media Freelancer Rates.

There have been many discussions about whether you should publish your rates or not and whilst it is a personal choice we believe there are a few reasons why you should consider doing so.

First let’s have a look at the negatives to not publishing your social media freelancer rates

Negatives to publishing rates

  • It will put people off enquiring
  • It will let competitors see what you are charging
  • It stops future discussion as they feel you are too expensive
  • Open to abuse from timewasters who are just phishing for prices
  • Unclear where you sit in the marketplace

Now let’s look at some of the positive aspects of publishing your social media freelancer rates.

Positives to publishing rates

  • Only genuine clients with the correct budget will enquire
  • Adds value to your business
  • Cuts out timewasters
  • Allows prospective clients the chance to consider what they are willing to pay before making contact
  • It opens up an avenue for discussion regarding possible discounts
  • Cuts out time wasting for all parties
  • Clear and transparent pricing

You could set out an exact pricing strategy based on an hourly, daily or weekly rate. Or for more involved work why not consider project rates.  If you need more flexibility why not consider using a banded structure such as ‘prices starting from …’

Publishing your rates on your website will allow the opportunity for potential customers to assess if they want to explore working with you further.  This will open up dialogue with genuinely interested parties.

What does a Social Media Freelancer actually do?

We all use social media these days without even realising it.  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, are just a few platforms that we use daily without actually thinking about the content we are looking at. Websites and blogs are also full of content produced daily by Social Media Freelancers.

Generally a Social Media Freelancer is asked to write copy (articles) for blogs, websites, and social networks.  They are sometimes also responsible for updating media pages, tracking user engagement and responding to followers.

They need to be able to write, edit and publish knowledgeable and interesting posts on a variety of different subjects, especially if they are working for several different clients from different sectors. This could be on social media pages, advertising posts, product releases or internal or external promotions.  The skill of a Social Media Freelancer is being able to tailor each post for its target audience.

There are many aspects to the role of a Social Media Freelancer and by proactively publishing their rates they can try to attract the right partner to work with.


The role of a Social Media Freelancer is a varied one, with many areas of expertise required.  By publishing their Social Media Freelancer rates it helps establish a strong valued brand, and will help establish a link to potential valuable clients.