Best survey sites 2024

Best survey sites

First of all, let’s look at what are survey sites.

Survey sites are online platforms where people are required to complete surveys to earn money. To start completing surveys from the comfort of your own home all you need is a current email address, a laptop, desktop, or cellphone, an internet connection, and some spare time – that’s it. Generally, the surveys are in the style of a questionnaire sometimes over several pages. Generally, they are based on lifestyle, shopping habits, brand awareness, etc. Furthermore, there is normally a good selection and you can pick and choose which ones you want to complete.

So here are some survey sites to get you going. If you would like to make a little extra money on the side then this could be the perfect answer for you.

Best Survey site

Survey Junkie is a community of millions of people who take online surveys, share their opinion, and help brands discover consumer insights in exchange for rewards.


Complete the introductory survey and Surveytime matches the latest surveys to your interests. Get rewarded for every survey you complete.

Prize Rebel

Give your opinions on PrizeRebel.
Complete paid surveys for money
and be rewarded with free money
and gift cards.

Branded Surveys

Collect points when you complete
Branded Surveys. Redeem your points in the form of gift cards or cash via Paypal or Branded Pay.

Play Games for Free and Earn Cash on Unique Rewards

Join Unique Rewards and get paid to play games and complete surveys. Sign up for free trials, reading e-mails, and purchases. Best rates around.

Shoppers Voice

Complete surveys about brands, products, and services, and get rewarded by Shoppers Voice. Enjoy flash sales, coupons, samples & free stuff.


Swagbucks is a fun rewards program that gives you free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you already do online.

Reward Fish

Create a free RewardFish account by completing the sign-up form. Earn Points. Complete surveys, quizzes, and activities. 

What is a survey side hustle?

A side hustle is a term given to work that is done outside your normal paid employment. It is an extra way to make money either online or offline. This article deals with online side hustles that can be done from your home. This will allow people with responsibilities such as childcare, or perhaps looking after relatives, the chance to make some additional income. It can also allow those with restricted mobility the chance to earn money from the comfort of their home.

How many can I join?

There is no limit to the number of websites you can join. Generally, there is a simple registration process, including recording payment details, and off you go. Only sign up to websites that are free to join. And remember there is absolutely no need to pay registration fees or pay upfront to join an online survey site. 

Also, you can decide which surveys you wish to complete – this could be based on anything from fashion trends, household products, politics, and pets – the list is endless and there is bound to be something that will fit your interests.

Our TOP TIP would be to have a separate email address to use when completing the surveys.  This will allow you to screen your incoming emails and it will help focus your attention on the surveys as they come in.

Be honest

Each survey company will have its own registration process. Remember to answer all questions honestly when registering as this will allow you to receive invitations to surveys that best match your interests.

Also, remember to answer each survey honestly as if you don’t you may end up being barred from participating in any future surveys and possibly kicked off the platform altogether.

How will I get paid?

You need to complete a certain number of surveys and reach a payment threshold before a payment can be made.  The payment will come in the form of gift cards, promo codes, discount codes, or payments directly to a nominated account, such as PayPal – and some have even started to pay out in BitCoin.

If you are uncomfortable recording personal bank account details why not use a third-party platform such as PayPal?


So why not start completing online surveys and sharing your thoughts and opinions? It’s an easy and simple way of earning extra cash at your leisure. Furthermore, your opinions will be used by companies, brands, charities, etc. to form their business and marketing decisions in the future. It’s also a fun and financially rewarding way to get involved with policymakers.