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How To Name Your Business

Do you need to come up with Virtual Assistant business name ideas?

Company names are used to market your business and label products, services, and brands. McDonald’s, for example, uses its company name to market its hamburgers.     

There is no magical formula for creating a distinctive business name, some will be very clear what they do, such as Regent Stationary Business, or Halls Drycleaners, or sometimes they can contain surprising or imaginative words which have nothing to do with the underlying business, product or service, like Kodak, which is involved in selling cameras, printers, scanners and ink cartridges, or Double Rainbow that make and sell ice cream.     

Choosing your company name

Company names are important because they can distinguish you from your competitors. Choosing a name to reassure customers is a great strategy, or you could choose something more daring that could act as a disruptor in the industry. A good name is something that business customers remember and that they associate with your company.

Use of your name can help build a strong brand, whether you come up with innovative ideas or new approaches. Your company name is an important part of your company’s brand identity. It appears on your company logo, business cards, stationery, websites, promotional materials, and products used to identify your company and its products and services.  

The most obvious thing to do when naming your company is to check if the name is already in use.  Check through the database of registered companies in your country, business directories, or trade organisations as this will identify if the name has already been used and in what sector. 

Suggestions for creating your business name

Now that you know that a good business name is a necessity, you want to know how to create or find one. The following steps give you the best chance to invent a successful business name the first time around.

  1. Consider the brand value of your company name and how it will be unique and distinguishable from others.  (e.g. McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut)
  2. If you start a business based on a product or service and your goal is to sell it, think about including those in the business name. The company name should reflect what you do.  (e.g. Price & Waterhouse Solicitors, The Sole Shoe-shop)
  3. If you think you might want to sell your business one day, it’s best not to name the business after yourself.  (e.g. Price Waterhouse & Sons, Finlay’s Fish Emporium)
  4. Use an on-line name generator. If you do use an on-line name generator you may be asked to describe your brand or service in one word. This will help you focus on what your business is all about.
  5. Check out competitors, you don’t want to be too similar with the name, especially if you are selling similar products.

Have you any other ideas how to generate Virtual Assistant business name ideas? 

We will also look at how to set up the structure of your business in another post. 

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