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Who? What? How much?

Work as a Virtual Assistant.

In this section we will look at working as a freelancer Virtual Assistant – there will be other articles throughout the website dealing with working as a Remote Worker (both as an employee and as a freelancer).

I am sure you will be buzzing to get started with your exciting new business, working as an independent freelance virtual assistant, but we are sure you will still have a lot of unanswered questions about how to become a Virtual Assistant and carry out remote work – questions that we hope to help you with.

Have a look through the information we have gathered up so far on how to become a Virtual Assistant. We have provided free tips and hints on how to work as a Virtual Assistant, how to set up your home office, what business structure you should use and even how to decide how much you should charge.  

We have free tips and guidance on ‘what is remote work’, ‘remote work from home’ and ‘how to set up your remote office’. 

There is also a section for prospective clients to check out the benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant and how to hire one – have a look at it from their point of view so you will have an idea what they are likely to look for when considering using a Virtual Assistant.

Who? Who can become a Virtual Assistant?

Who? Who can use a Virtual Assistant?

What? What do I need to know before setting up as a Virtual Assistant?

How much? What can I charge as a Virtual Assistant?

How can I hire a Virtual Assistant? Benefits of using a Virtual Assistant and how to hire one.

We will be adding new articles regularly so don’t forget to check back.

If there is a specific area you would like covered on how to work as a Virtual Assistant just drop us an email or comment below and we will have a look at it for you.