How to get the current day in Google Analytics

How to get the current day in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a useful tool when you need to do analysis of your website traffic, but I was becoming extremely frustrated by having to change the date range on a daily basis. So how do you get the current day in Google Analytics?

You could use the Date Range feature and choose from a selection of options. But you are trying to speed things up – you want a faster way, using less clicks, to get your data.

Google Analytics - how to get the current date

Luckily, I came across some advice which I thought I would share with you.  In 5 easy steps you can set the date range to automatically show you only the current day. Let’s look at how we can change the time frame in Google Analytics.

Google Analytics - weekly date range

By setting the date range variables to a future date then by default you will return the data for the current day.

1. Open up Google Analytics

2. Choose the page view you would like to use

3. Look at the search bar and check out the end of the URL where it shows (see image below)

4. Replace that part with _u.date00=30000101&_u.date01=30000101/

5. Bookmark this page

Google Analytics - update url

That’s it.  Now every time you select this bookmarked page you will only see the relevant data for the current day (well up until 1st January 3000!)


Use these 5 easy steps to change the date range in Google Analytics to show only the current day. Bookmark the amended page and you can save yourself time by going directly to the current days data.

For other tips and advice why not check out the General Guides section. I hope that helps you – please feel free to share.