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Remote interview

Remote interview tips

Remote interview tips Congratulations – you have been selected for an interview!  Now what remote interview tips do you need to know? We have previously looked at online interview remote … Read more

Social Media Freelancer

Social Media Freelancer Rates

Social Media Freelancer Rates This is may be one of the most talked about aspects of being a freelancer – what should you charge?  And being a social media freelancer … Read more

recruit remote staff

Remote staff hire

Remote staff hire This article looks at how to hire remote staff, and whether remote staff hire is the right thing for your organisation. The idea of hiring and managing … Read more

For Hire

Online recruitment platform

Online recruitment platform Should you use an online recruitment platform? Let’s have a look at hiring platforms and how they could help your business recruit remote workers. Hiring new staff can … Read more

Work Hard Anywhere

Work from home jobs

Work from home jobs | Remote work Looking for that dream job?  The one where you can work from home? Here are some top tips on how to make yourself … Read more

ergonomic office

What is an Ergonomic office?

What is an Ergonomic office? Let’s start with what on earth does the word Ergonomics mean?  It certainly is not one of those words that you hear in everyday conversation. … Read more